"Evaluate the mechanical environment in the femur after muscle and ligament structures have been included"

Aim 1


Identify muscles relating to our research and develop an understanding of their geometry and properties.

  • Find journals relating to the our subject.
  • Identify all relative muscles to knee movement.
  • Undertstand their properties to allow us to model their forces and position accurately.

Aim 2


Use Opensim program to find out the forces relating to various movements of the leg.


  • Understand Opensim and how it works.
  • Utilise Opensim to help define muscle geometry.
  • Use the program to produce the muscle forces for knee movements.
  • Comparison or muscle forces with the FE model.

Aim 3


Use Abaqus to create a simplified 3D model of the femur with muscles attached.

  • Ensure that the correct boundary conditions have been applied.
  • Ensure that the model reaches converges with muscles attached.
  • Analyse the resultant stresses and forces from the model.